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  • 100 NFTs is an NFT-studio project by Prado.

  • We will use showcase art and express storytelling in 100 different ways and publish it as Non-fungibles Tokens

  • This is where we experiment and understand NFTs through experiential learning - @visakanv says “do 100 things”

  • We are doing 100 NFTs.

  • These NFTs will have different utilities attached to them. 

#BehindTheStory NFT

  • My words are my real art. 

  • Every art will have a behind-the-story NFT which can be read on my mirror.  

List of all the NFTs 👇 

List of all the NFTs 👇 

List of all the NFTs 👇 

List of all the NFTs 👇 

  1. Paint the town yellow - Twitter | Opensea | Mirror | BehindTheStory NFT | BTS newsletter 

  2. Happy NFT Day - Free Mint | Twitter | Opensea | Mirror (BehindTheStory) | BTS newsletter 

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Welcome to yellow town 💛🚀

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